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#Roadmap and #EUSES

General Information

The monthly European Social Economy Exchange Events are an excellent opportunity to connect, learn and engage in a digital way with a diverse audience representing the large variety of actors active in the field all over Europe! The ‘Digital Road to Mannheim’ consists of 8 fully digitized online events. Each roadmap event focusses on a specific topic and aims to connect different Social Economy actors in Europe in a highly interactive format, present best practices and use cases as well as provide first-hand insights in interactive sessions from changemakers all around Europe. The ‘Digital Road to Mannheim’ strengthen the social economy in Europe and harness its contribution to economic development, social inclusion as well as green and digital transitions. 

The ‘European Social Economy Summit’ (#EUSES) is a jointly organized conference by the European Commission and the City of Mannheim. The #EUSES is a conference which aims at strengthening the social economy in Europe and harness its contribution to economic development, social inclusion as well as green and digital transitions. The discussions will focus on three dimensions: digitalisation of the Social Economy, (social) innovation, cross-country and cross-sectoral collaboration.

The #EUSES is an opportunity to bring all stakeholders active in the social economy together.

The #Roadmap consists of 8 fully digitized online events. Please check out the dates:

24.09.2020: New challenges, new innovations, new solidarities – Social Economy in the fight against COVID 19 
29.10.2020: Leaving no one behind – Employment, upskilling and social inclusion in the changing world of work
26.11.2020: Recovery Strategy for Europe – Which role plays the social economy in building a resilient and sustainable economy?
17.12.2020: Health issues and social protection – Building an economy of well-being
28.01.2021: Digital education & training – Youth at the heart of the social Economy
25.02.2021: Towards ecological transition – Social Economy in time of environmental and climate change challenges
25.03.2021: Sustainable consumption & circular economy
29.04.2021: Partnerships for maximizing social impact

The #EUSES will take place on 26-27 May 2021 in Mannheim, Germany as a hybrid conference. Participants can join physically or virtually. 

The Summit will bring together public and private stakeholders, civil society representatives and scholars to discuss the future, network, inform, and increase the visibility of social economy and social enterprises policies, with the aim of exchanging good practices and success stories and supporting peer learning.

Different actors from all over Europe will join the #EUSES, e.g. policy makers, NGOs, foundations, social start-ups, companies, welfare organizations.

During the hybrid #EUSES we will hold both types of sessions: Once the offline sessions, where attendees can physically participate in Mannheim. On the other hand, we will have online sessions where attendees can participate via laptop or smartphone. There will also be some offline sessions that will be streamed online.

Attendee Information

If you want to join the #Roadmap please register for the current event

If you want to join the #EUSES please pre-register on web.

Please note: The number of participants is limited for all of the #EUSES events.

The Road to Mannheim & European Social Economy Summit are an excellent opportunity to engage with a diverse audience representing the large variety of actors active in the field all over Europe.  The discussions can influence policy making both at EU and national context. They can also empower stakeholder organisations with new approaches and methods.

The conference language is English. In exceptional cases, a session will be held in German. 

Please check the common online booking platforms for an accommodation like on, HRS or

Food and drinks will be included during the #EUSES conference in May 2021. 

Speaker Information

If you are still interested in joining a specific #Roadmap event, please send an individual email to

Due to the fact that the #EUSES conference was planned for November 2020 and had to be postponed to May 2021 due to COVID19, there is currently no possibility to apply for the conference, as we have taken the speakers planned for November to the May conference.

If you are still interested in participating in #EUSES, please send an individual email to

The #EUSES team will support the stakeholder sessions by offering the responsible organisers:

  • Promotion of the session through the event’s promotion channels
  • Promotion of the session results: stakeholder session organisers will submit short proceedings of their session to the organisers. They will reserve the right to edit the proceedings and use them in its future communication materials
  • In view of keeping participation as inclusive as possible, the organisers have the intention to support with a grant for travel and accommodation expenses if needed (maximum 600 Euros per Session). The organisers of the selected sessions will receive the information concerning the reimbursement of such expenses after the closing of the selection procedure. The grant is awarded on presentation of the relevant supporting documents and invoices.
  • Logo of your organization on the official EUSES Website etc.

For the #Roadmap events, you can host your session from your computer or laptop. You need a webcam / camera and a microphone to get in touch with your audience. It is necessary that you have a stable internet connection. We will test your equipment beforehand in a test run.

We decided on using the Hopin platform for our #Roadmap events. Hopin is a virtual venue with multiple interactive areas that are optimized for connecting and engaging. Attendees can move in and out of rooms just like an in-person event and enjoy the content and connections you‘ve created for them.

The Hopin platform provides four functionalities:

_ The stage is for live speakers, presentations, talks, interviews, live-streaming, and webinars. Up to five people can be on stage at a time and 100,000 attendees can watch the stage at your event.
_ Sessions is the area for live video group discussions, workshops and breakouts. You (and your attendees) can set up virtual roundtables in Sessions based on a topic.
_ Networking is where one-on-one conversations take place. Attendees are matched randomly and can connect. Attendees do not meet the same person twice at an event.
_ Expo is for your virtual vendor booths.

Depending on the speakers proposal, the session will be on the main stage or on a session stage. For an insight session slot there is no restriction for the number of attendees. For a workshop session slot, there can be up to ten people active on-camera. If needed this number can be set up to 20.

Each speaker or stakeholder involved has the opportunity to manage an online vendor booth. During the #Roadmap, participants can meet at the booths to get in touch with your project or organization. Hosting a vendor both is free and voluntary.

#EUSES Exhibitor Information

You can apply for an exhibitor booth until 1 March 2021. Please note: Exhibitor booths are limited. First come first serve.

The basic version for exhibitors is free of charge. If you need additional materials, such as pin boards, partitions or electricity, this is subject to a final charge. You can ask for this for the respective services. Please send us an email to


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