The Social Economy Scientific Conference #SES2020, a two-day digital event on 24th and 25th November 2020 on the future of social economy in Europe!
At the #SES2020, a vibrant network of distinguished social economy researchers and academic scholars will discuss the potential of social economy to rethink and reshape all of our socio-economic spaces. After all, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic did nothing but increase the relevance of social economy and shape a context fertile for innovative approaches in the field.
Instead of viewing social economy as merely a niche in the ecosystem, the #SES2020 acknowledges social economy as a driver of economic activity with social impact, a living laboratory of social innovation and an agent of necessary change in Europe. The future-oriented objective of the #SES2020 is to collect and discuss a comprehensive body of knowledge that will anticipate the most relevant changes within and outside the social economy, in order to understand its potential role and contribution in the next decades and feed the European Commission‘s policy reflection.
Building on the idea, that social economy is an important part of a resilient ecosystem based on solidarity, the #SES2020 is organised and supported by the European Commission, Social Entrepreneurship Baden-Württemberg (SocEntBW), the Centre for Social Investment (CSI) at the University of Heidelberg, the Research Institute for small and medium sized enterprises of the University of Mannheim (IFM) and the Therme Foundation powered by Josef Wund Stiftung, to bring the topic back on the European policy agenda.



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